OwnBackup vs
FluentPro Backup for Dataverse

OwnBackup competitors OwnBackup competitors

Why You Need Dataverse Backup and Restore Solution

Storing data from business apps on Microsoft Dataverse comes with risks from threats, including cyberattacks, human error, and hardware failure.

Dataverse security must be ensured for the following reasons:

Accidental deletions of files and data.
Disasters and data loss can strike anytime.
Low productivity due to data corrution.
Financial loss due to system failures.

OwnBackup and FluentPro Backup for Dataverse
are top choices for Dataverse backup and restore.

But how do these two solutions compare?

backup Features
Virtual Tables Backup
Standard Tables Backup
Activity Tables Backup
Elastic Tables Backup
Files (Attachments in annotations, Email attachments,
and file/image fields)
​​​All fields in table except:
Calculated/Roll up fields
Formula fields
Knowledge Base Articles
Cancel Backup
Export Backup
Run Now Backup (manual)
Backup All tables
Backup Specific Tables
Scheduled Backup
Tables selection for backup
Exclude tables from backup
Search Backup
Delete Snapshots (backups)
Restore Features
Granular Restore
Update Records
Restore deleted records
Filtering records for restore selection
Table Restore
​​​All fields in table
Files (Attachments in annotations, Email attachments,
and file/image fields)
Values from related tables
Parent-Child related records

OwnBackup vs FluentPro Backup for Dataverse

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for Dataverse

FluentPro Backup for Dataverse stands out as an optimal solution for backup and restore for the following reasons:

  • Full automation.
  • Reduction of data loss, accidental deletion, etc.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Version control capabilities.
  • Exceptional data security and encryption.


for Dataverse

OwnBackup is a reliable web-based backup and recovery tool that safeguards data by working with multiple cloud platforms, like Dataverse. Backup, restoration, and compliance assistance are just a few of OwnBackup’s many cloud data protection capabilities. However, it lacks some backup capabilities compared to FluentPro Backup.

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